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Going Green with Alicia

Are you interested in going green this year? Do you know what it means to go green? This post is simply to discuss what going green is and a few ways to do it.

Going Green with Alicia - Easy tips to go green and save money

What is Going Green?

Going green does not only involve recycling. Going green involves much more. Basically, going green means to live life, as an individual as well as a community, in a way that is friendly to the natural environmental and is sustainable for the earth. It means Continue reading Going Green with Alicia

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Happy New Year!

Happy new year everybody! I hope you all are getting their new year off to a wonderful start! I know it is customary to start the year with a bunch of resolutions that will be completely forgotten about in a few weeks, but I am going to start my year with goals instead.

happy new year 2016 alicia in a small town

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Save Money Going Green: Part Three

Go-Green-Save-Money how to save money going green

Alright, who’s ready for some more tips on how to save money going green? Well, I’m ready to give them to you, so let’s get started!

  • Fix those leaks in the bathroom and kitchen- If your toilet is running, if faucets are dripping, they’re costing you money, and they’re wasting lots of water. I could bore you with how much water ONE drip over a certain amount of wastes, but I won’t. I’m just going to say to fix them all, and then sit back and notice the difference. This is something you should be able to do yourself, but if not, it’s a good excuse to beg your boyfriend, a cute handyman, or whoever to come over and help you with.
  • Buy a hemp shower curtain– How often do you have to replace your plastic shower curtains? In my experience, they don’t really hold up. You can take a hemp shower curtain down and wash it when necessary, but other than that, they require little maintenance and they are much better for the environment. If you absolutely have to have the plastic liner, get a higher quality one, and help to expand the lifespan of it by making sure to always close the curtain when getting out of the shower, and to keep it clean.
  • Save old tattered towels and t-shirts for cleaning- This will help eliminate wasteful paper towels.
  • Wash laundry in cold water, and only full loads– This helps eliminate water waste, and electricity or gas to heat the water. AND, most laundry detergents are formulated to work great in cold water now! If you really want to go eco-friendly, you can try out some great new laundry detergents that are great for the environment. Or comment and I’ll email you a recipe to make your own laundry detergent!
  • Keep your fridge full– Did you know that it takes more electricity to keep an empty fridge cool than it does to keep a fully stocked fridge cool? So go grocery shopping now!
  • Use your microwave and toaster oven– This is just common sense… It takes much less electricity to run a microwave or toaster oven than it does to warm up an oven and heat something up in it.
  • Turn the oven off early– When you’re cooking, you can turn the oven off several minutes early and your food will keep on cooking while you save money!
  • Use the dishwasher– The ultimate lazy move is sometimes the greenest! Don’t bother rinsing the dishes, just load them in the dishwasher and let it handle your dirty work (you know, while you kick back and read my awesome blog to get more great ideas!). Just make sure to turn off the drying option and open that bad boy up later to let your dishes air dry, or towel dry them and put them away.
  • Install dimmer switches– If you own your own home, or if your landlord doesn’t mind, it’s really easy to install dimmer switches, and you would be surprised at how they can pay for themselves over time, as you can generally cut your light usage in half!

Check back later for more awesome green ideas and comment with the ones you plan to put to use!

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Save Money Going Green: Part Two

Go-Green-Save-Money environmentally friendlyI posted last week about saving money and being environmentally friendly. I really hope that at least half of you who read the blog took it to heart and started making some changes… After all, you’re going green and saving some green! I have some additional tips for those of you who have decided to go the green route…


  • CFLs– A CFL is a compact fluorescent light. I want to challenge you to buy at least two each time you get paid. You’ll be surprised to see how much your light bill goes down if you replaced all the lights in your house immediately. These bad boys will pay for themselves in a matter of a few months.
  • Wrap your water heater– Wrapping your water heater is a good way to keep heat from escaping it, keep it from working more than it has to, and to keep money in your checking account!
  • Low-flow shower heads– A low flow shower head keeps water waste to a minimum, and since you won’t be using as much, you won’t be paying for as much on your water bill (electric bill if you have a well instead of city water!).
  • Grow your own herbs- Depending on your use of herbs in cooking, this can be something that will save you a lot of money in the long run. An added bonus to growing your own herbs to me is the joy of growing pretty plants in the dining room or kitchen.
  • Grow native plants- Native plants are best adapted to the local climate and once established, seldom need watering, mulching, protection from frost or continuous mowing.
  • Carpool- Carpooling saves gas money, miles on the car, and on all upkeep… Plus, it gives you a chance to socialize. What could be better?
  • Keep an eye on tire pressure– Keeping your tires aired up helps your car run more efficiently, and believe it or not, your car pays you back with better gas mileage!
  • Go to the carwash- The boyfriend and I will always fight about this one, but it is much more eco-friendly to go to the carwash than to wash your car at home (especially if you waste all that water washing your car in the driveway!). Some carwashes even recycle their water, but they all use much less water than you use at home, so be lazy and go to the carwash! If you absolutely HAVE to wash your car at home (like my sweet boyfriend) then you should at least pull onto the grass and do double duty by washing the car and watering the lawn.
  • Eat locally grown food- Granted, locally grown and organic is ideal, but if you’re given the choice of one or the other, locally grown is better for the environment than organic if your organic food is from hundreds of miles away. Look online or talk to people around you and ask where your local Farmer’s Market is, this is your best bet for locally grown food.
  • Last but not least is to shop local- Granted, you can save a few bucks by shopping at Walmart and discount stores, but if you love your environment and your local economy, shop at your local, small town stores. Shop the antique stores, a local furniture maker, find someone local who designs and sews (one way to ensure that you’re never dressed just like everyone else!). Just take a look around, you’d be surprised what you can get local so that you don’t have to pay to have something shipped from across the country (or world!) and so that you can truly be unique!

Check back soon for more tips on going green!

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Do You REALLY Put Your Smartphone To Use?

ReallyUseYourSmartphoneIn this day of modern technology, even kids have smartphones. It’s not unusual to walk in somewhere and see 90% of the people around you with a smartphone in a holster, in their pockets, or in their hands being put to use. But what I want to ask you today is: Do you really use your smartphone? Yes, we all have them, but in reality, most of us that do have them don’t need them and certainly don’t use them for everything that they are capable of. So let’s put your smartphone to use!

Your typical smartphone user knows their basics: You can make calls, send text messages, send emails, play on Facebook, play games, use it as a flashlight (I probably couldn’t make it without the app that turns my phone’s flash into a camera if we’re being honest here!), and schedule appointments into your calendar. This is all great. I’m a Facebook addict and I love the fact that my phone keeps me connected to it at all times, but there is really so much more that you can use that expensive electronic brick for, and that’s why I’m writing this blog!

One of my favorite uses for my phone (yes, other than the flashlight and Facebook) is being able to stay connected to my online banking. I bank with a rather large credit union, and in the last year or so, they have made a lot of changes to their app. I can do much more than just look up my balances. I can transfer cash from my checking to my savings account, schedule payments for my credit card, set up alerts that go straight to my phone when my account balance gets low, and my all-time favorite thing is that when someone writes me a check, I can make the deposit from my phone just by taking pictures and uploading them through the app!

If you’re like me and you like to look up new and interesting things to eat, perhaps you would like to check out the AllRecipes.com app. When I get bored with my usual recipes, this is something that always spices up my dinners.

Now, I’ve said many times before that I am looking to save money, and I also try to do things that are environmentally friendly… As much as I love to read, I’ve been trying to curb the amount of books that I purchase. This has been fairly sad for me, but I’ve found a new love that’s really awesome: the Kindle app that comes automatically on most Android devices. Most eBooks that you find are actually much cheaper than you will find the printed versions for, and of course since they aren’t printed, it’s more environmentally friendly. An added bonus to this is if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can have the option to check out one free eBook each month (this is just one of MANY perks offered by Amazon Prime!).

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies

This next thing isn’t something that everyone will take advantage of, but some of you will love it. If you area blogger, you can easily post, update, and maintain your blog from your smartphone. It all depends on your blogging platform, but Blogger and WordPress both have very user friendly apps that you may want to look into.

Have you thought about using your phone to get in shape? Seems crazy, right? Well, one of my new favorite apps is Noom. With Noom you can count calories, log your weight, exercises, and with Noom Pro you can even track your waist size. It even comes with an awesome step counter that gives you a goal for your target number of steps each day. This app gives you useful information to read daily to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals, along with much, much more. An added bonus to it is a forum to keep in touch with others who are also working to lose weight and get in shape. While there are many other apps made to help with this, this particular one is my favorite.

Now, I’m not a great couponer, although I have tried… My boyfriend’s sister on the other hand is one of those people who can get most of her groceries for free. There are several couponing and deal apps out there that can help you do that. I haven’t started utilizing one yet, but my goal is to start soon and I will let you all know which ones I find useful and how much they have actually helped me.

Being a single mom, I still haven’t found the cash in my budget to get cable… However, I do have a Netflix account (rather my boyfriend does, and he was nice enough to give me the login info for it!) and although I mostly watch movies and shows on my computer, when the kiddos take over it to watch movies or play games, I’m left with my phone and I love watching movies on it!

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies

As a woman, it is a rule of nature that we are supposed to shop, and shop I do! As you may have guessed, I do most of my shopping from my phone. What shopping I don’t do from my phone, I plan from it. My favorite shopping apps are eBay, Amazon, and occasionally Walmart. I HATE shopping at Walmart, but sometimes it is a necessary evil… That’s another blog for another time though. Preparing to shop though, my favorite app is from Publix. I make my list, pick the store I’m shopping at, and it tells me where every item on my list is at in the store. Another great thing about shopping at Publix is that you can pick out your coupons from their website and enter your phone number. No clipping coupons, and you save money, what could be better?

I do, of course, use my phone for many, many, many other things, but these were all things that I thought that you might find useful as well. Please comment below and let me know if I left out something that you couldn’t live without, or if I gave you some new ideas!

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