Products We Can’t Live Without: Fisher Price Snugapuppy Swing

​Of all the things that we were given for Baby Babb, I would have to say that one if the things that we just cannot live without, that saves my sanity when I can’t hold him because I have something that I need to do (like go to the bathroom or take a shower) is our Fisher Price Snugapuppy Swing!

Products we can't live without, the Fisher Price Snugapuppy Swing

Why We Can’t Live Without The Fisher Price Snugapuppy Swing

This swing is amazing for many reasons, from the fact that you can use batteries, but it also comes with a plug in option, which allows you to not have to worry about it going dead at an inopportune time! With our recent bad weather, I do keep batteries in it now, just in case the power goes out, because the last thing you need is a crying baby, two scared kids, and crazy animals when all hell breaks loose!

Something else that I love about our Fisher Price Snugapuppy Swing is that you can change the swinging motion from the traditional head-to-toe to side-to-side. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you have a baby who prefers side-to-side, it is amazing!

The swing has multiple speeds (which we use them all, from the slowest when Baby Babb is already snoozing, to the fastest when Baby Babb needs to be soothed to sleep) and different sets of music as well as soothing nature sounds. My 8 year old loves turning the music on for his baby brother to help soothe him to sleep!

We haven’t experimented with the two position recline in the seat yet, but I’m certain that as Baby Babb gets older and stays awake longer, that will certainly come in handy. The seat insert easily comes out to be washed if baby spits up or has an explosive diaper while enjoying their time in the swing, which I’m very thankful for because with my oldest two boys, we went through hell trying to get the insert in and out when it needed to be washed!

I can’t imagine my life without the Fisher Price Snugapuppy Swing at this point, and can’t wait to see how much Baby Babb loves it even as he gets older!

There are other parts of the Fisher Price Snugapuppy collection that I didn’t get, simply because we didn’t have room in our house for a lot of gear, but I’ve heard wonderful things about. You really can’t go wrong with the swing though, because it was even really easy to put together when I was 8 months pregnant and HUGE!

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Introducing Dogs to Baby

When we first found out that I was pregnant with Baby Babb, we had a lot of questions (mainly: how on earth did this happen?). These questions included one that almost all of our friends and neighbors had: How on earth do you plan to bring a baby home with “that dog” in the house. That dog is otherwise known as my German Shepherd, Trigger. While he is very well-behaved for myself and my husband (and the kids, most of the time… when he’s not busy showing them who’s boss) he does have a tendency to scare other people, and I have to admit that I was a little nervous about bringing a baby home to meet him. But here are a few tips about introducing dogs to baby that might just make your transition as easy as mine was!

Introducing dogs to baby

Tip #1: Take Safety Precautions

  • The safety of your child is paramount, which is why regular nail trims are recommended to ensure that even inadvertently, your pet doesn’t scratch your baby.
  • Consider enrolling in a training course with your dog to teach behaviors such as not jumping into your lap unless invited, as your lap will now be home to the baby.
  • Above all else, always supervise baby/pet interactions.

Tip #2: Prep Your Pet

  • Turn on baby swings and toys to familiarize your pet with these sounds.
  • Invite friends with babies over to provide a visual example for your pet.
  • Help your pet develop a relationship with many family members, so that they have another person to connect with or go to when mom gets waylaid by the new baby.
  • After your child is born, help your pet become familiar with your baby’s specific scent by allowing them to sniff your child’s blankets or clothing before you introduce them.

Tip #3: Prep Your Home

  • If you have a cat, consider putting mosquito netting over the baby’s bassinet or crib to prevent kitty from jumping in.
  • Use gates to limit your pet’s access to certain areas.
  • Apply double-stick tape to the baby’s furniture to discourage pets from jumping on it.

Tip #4:  You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression

  • It sounds simple, but take a beat once you return from the hospital to greet your pet warmly and calmly (without your new babe in tow). They’ve missed you!
  • When you’re ready for the newest member of the family to meet your furry friend, get down on your pet’s level and allow them to take a hello sniff. Unless your pet is hissing or growling, try not to pull away so that Fido doesn’t equate the baby with a threat.

Tip #5: Include Your Pet in the Fun

  • Bring your pet with you when you sit next to the baby, and reward your pet with praise and treats for good behavior around your little one. This helps connect the dots for your pet that associating with their new “brother” or “sister” is a positive experience.

Moms: Any success stories or tricks of the trade to share about introducing your pet to your baby?

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Alicia’s C-Section Survival Guide

Okay, so I told you all before that I ended up having a c-section that I did not want. I’ve never had a surgery of any kind before, and I didn’t know what to expect. Everybody is different, so I can’t tell you for sure what you should expect, but we will talk here all about c-section survival.

Alicia In A Small Town's C-section Survival Guide

Tips for c-section survival:

  • Get to moving as soon as possible- Due to some complications, I wasn’t allowed move for 12 hours after my c-section. That was infuriating to me, but once I was up and moving, I kept moving, because the more you move, the less you’ll hurt.
  • Stay on top of your pain medicine- Ask for it in the hospital. You don’t have to take it around the clock, but you should take it before you start hurting, so that the pain doesn’t get unbearable. I was good at remembering as long as my husband was there to remind me, but if he ever had to leave, I would completely forget about taking pain meds. Stay on top of it when you get home too! They prescribe it for a reason. You’ll also still need something (more than likely) after you’ve run out of prescription medication, and for that ibuprofen is a Godsend! Take it!!!
  • Take it easy- This is hard for me. I like to run my house, and I have a hard time letting go. BUT, I quickly figured out that the last thing you want to do is to overdo it. I nearly busted my incision back open and got a small infection because I didn’t think I had to slow down. I learned to accept help though and to let go of things for a little while.
  • Soft leggings and pajama pants are your friend- I made the mistake of wearing my jeggings thinking that they would be comfy. An hour into that, I was changing back into my pajama pants. I can now fit into my blue jeans, but cannot comfortably wear them for more than a few hours without them rubbing my incision site and making me uncomfortable. I’m not sure when or if that will ever change.
  • Spanx are your very best friend- Yes, while it’s true that jeggings and blue jeans will cause discomfort, Spanx will do the opposite. I had wanted to get a postpartum girdle of some sort to help me lose my preggo belly, but I never did. A friend of mine told me on day two about getting Spanx, so I asked my midwife about them, got the okay, and on day three I sent a dear friend out with my debit card to buy me three pairs. I won’t lie, it was interesting getting them on, but I felt so much better moving around once I started wearing them. I still live in them, and contribute them to me having a nearly flat tummy less than two weeks after having my baby boy!
  • Snuggle your baby as much as possible- Whether you breastfeed or not, snuggle with that sweet baby as much as you can! I am convinced that babies have some sort of drug that can be inhaled while you’re holding them that just makes everything better!

Have you had a c-section? What are your tips for c-section survival? Please leave a comment below and share your tips!

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My Breastfeeding Essentials

As many of you know, I am most definitely a breastfeeding mom. There really is nothing absolutely necessary for breastfeeding other than a baby and a pair of breasts, but if you’re like me, you’ll find that there are certain things that you need for breastfeeding. So below is my list of breastfeeding essentials.

  1. Lanolin– You’ll want to have this on hand from the beginning, because you never know when dry/cracked/sore nipples will attack, so it’s a good idea to have lanolin around when it happens so that you can take care of them before it becomes a worse problem.
  2. LilyPadz– I’m not a fan of disposable breast pads for two reasons… I have to buy them over and over again, and they make my nipples raw, causing me to have to use more and more lanolin.
  3. Nursing Tanks– These are super comfy, and when worn under your clothes, make discreetly breastfeeding in public a breeze.
  4. Water Bottle– Because you need a TON of water to stay hydrated when breastfeeding.
  5. Healthy Snacks- Honestly, because you burn through so many calories when breastfeeding that you will eat like a ravenous beast! I love keeping granola bars handy. 🙂
  6. Medela Pump In Style– Because even if you exclusively breastfeed in the beginning, it’s a good idea to pump for emergencies, to help build your supply, or to use with baby food once you start introducing solids.
  7. Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags– These bags are AWESOME for storing frozen breastmilk and they’re actually not that expensive either!
  8. Breastfeeding friendly bottles- Jay in case of emergencies. Knock on wood, we haven’t used them yet, but these are the ones that we have.
  9. Pacifier– A lot of people will tell you that you shouldn’t use a pacifier, but I’m here to tell you that you can use them, and they will save your nipples when baby just wants to suck for comfort, and not because he’s hungry. I introduced one to Baby Babb at two weeks old, once we had established a good routine with breastfeeding and had regained all of his weight that was initially lost.
  10. A supportive partner- My husband is INVALUABLE! I can’t begin to tell you how great it is to have him supporting me through all of this, even on days where I’m soaked with breastmilk and holding a crying, hungry, too-tired baby who is for some reason refusing to latch on.

These are just my breastfeeding essentials, can you tell me if you feel like I’ve left something off or what your breastfeeding essentials are? Please leave me a comment below letting me know what you think! 🙂

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I was slut shamed

That’s right. I was slut shamed. Why? Because I posted a photo of me and my baby. And apparently a certain few women found it offensive.

the photo I was slut shamed for

This is the picture that apparently caused such a stir amongst certain women on my Facebook friends list. Now, none of them made a comment, they just talked to each other and at least one of their spouses about it.

One of the spouses finally sent me a message and told me that I should be more considerate of myself, my husband, and the married men on my friends list before posting pictures of myself. I couldn’t figure it out and had to point blank ask. I was then informed that my friend’s wife made the comment that she guessed that since I finally had the baby and I was breastfeeding that everyone would have to get used to seeing my boobs all over the Internet now.

I was still honestly confused. I mean, I didn’t even post a breastfeeding selfie, it was a picture of me wearing a nursing top with a flannel shirt over it, and holding my baby. I showed the picture to my husband, my mom, and a few other friends, asking if they saw anything wrong with it, and they came back with nothing.

Being the breastfeeding advocate that I am, I had been tempted to post a breastfeeding selfie, otherwise known as a #brelfie, but this made me want to never post a photo on my Facebook wall again… So, instead, I’ll post my brelfie here. 🙂

breastfeeding selfie

I hope that none of you allow yourself to be bullied or slut shamed by stupid, oversensitive, and insecure women on Facebook… And never let someone try to discourage you from breastfeeding!

P.S. If you want my favorite piece of breastfeeding advice, especially if you will ever have to breastfeed in public… You really want nursing tank tops! These are my favorite! I live in them and wear them under everything because I can feed baby boy and not feel so exposed, without a blanket or some other kind of cover!

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