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Happy Holidays!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s November 30th already… This year has completely flown by! Happy holidays everyone, but more importantly, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

How many of you already have your tree up? I have gone against the flow of my family traditions, and I put mine up on this past Friday, right after Thanksgiving… As well as a few other decorations. I really don’t feel like I’m done yet though, so I’ve been on Pinterest looking at decor.

On top of decorating earlier than normal, I am also proud to say that I think I am actually done with all of my Christmas shopping, and my gifts are even wrapped and safely hidden away  from the kids… They’re just waiting to have ribbons and gift tags (which I also found this awesome printable on Pinterest for!). I actually need to take it all back… I was informed last night by the loving boyfriend that he would like a new pillow for Christmas, so I found these, and the best part is that they are eligible for Amazon Prime, and if you haven’t got Prime, you can get a FREE trial by clicking this link. With Prime you get free shipping, free music streaming, can watch certain movies for free, and LOTS more. If you’re like me, you’ll love Prime so much that when you’re done with your 30 day trial, you’ll happily pay for it.

Time to get back in shape
A little inspiration for us all…

Now, on top of all the regular holiday stuff, I have decided to start attempting to get back into shape BEFORE the new year… Be on the lookout for some fitness posts again. I have done one very important thing though, I’ve thrown out the scales. I will not be judging by the scales at all, I will be looking at inches lost and how well my pants fit. If you’d like to join me in this quest, check out 30 Day Fitness Challenges. The first one I’ll be doing, starting tomorrow, is the squat challenge. I have already printed the challenge and will be posting it in my office so that I can mark it off daily as I have finished.

I hope this finds you all well… Feel free to comment below and let me know what all of you have been up to, after all, I LOVE my readers. 🙂 Also, remember to have happy holidays!


How A Single Mom Meets A Man…

Over the past few days I’ve been talking with friends and neighbors, doing some soul searching, and honestly, just realizing how lucky I really am. One thing that I have yet to figure out (and glad that I don’t have to at this point) is how a single mom meets a man. I am blessed to have a wonderful one that I have actually known my whole life and that I can trust with my boys, but when I think of trying to meet someone without him, it scares me.

Things with the boyfriend and I weren’t always perfect… It still isn’t perfect, but he is perfect for me, so I get over things fairly quickly when I do get irritated with him. We started dating right after my divorce, and the timing just wasn’t right, so we broke up… for 10 months. But thankfully we decided to try again, and things are so much better now than they were before. During those 10 months though, I was lonely and tried to meet new men, which is nearly impossible for a single mom to do (especially when you have the kids pretty much ALL THE TIME and you don’t get every other weekend to go out). I tried three online dating sites… One that was free (and that I later found out was primarily used for hookups, not dating) and two that were expensive, but I never really found anyone that was a “quality” guy. Continue reading How A Single Mom Meets A Man…


Valentine’s Day For The Kiddos…

Valentine’s Day can get really expensive if you let it… I have been known to spend upwards of $50 each year on Valentine’s for the kids classes, the teachers, and the extra people in my kids lives. The thing is, it’s nonsense to do that. I know all the kids love getting candy, but isn’t the point of all this just to show people that you care? Today we will discuss some really cute Valentine ideas for children that won’t break your budget!

Today, we’re going to post some cute Valentine’s for the kids that won’t cost you a bundle!

Continue reading Valentine’s Day For The Kiddos…


Why Is Penis A Bad Word?

is penis a bad word

“Mom, why is penis a bad word?”

The youngest was born with a condition called hypospadias (to spare you from looking it up, I’ll tell you: his urethra didn’t finish developing and stopped nearly at his scrotum). Don’t worry; he had surgery to correct this when he was about 8 months old. However, because of this, we have freely used the word penis in our family. And, honestly, why shouldn’t we? It is the correct word, and there’s nothing wrong with it, right? Continue reading Why Is Penis A Bad Word?


Does Technology Bring Us Together?

does technology bring us together

Does technology bring us together? In the days of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and all of the technology that we have to bring us together even when we’re thousands of miles apart, it’s crazy how little we actually communicate with one another. I will say that in the last year, I have been blessed with the opportunity to stay somewhere with no internet, no cell service, and pretty much no communication with the outside world, and to be able to truly focus on the people that matter; the people who are right there beside me. As of now, I go there every chance that I get. It may seem crazy to some, but I have noticed a calmness in my boys, and a growth in the relationships between myself and my children, as well as between my boyfriend and myself. Continue reading Does Technology Bring Us Together?