Alicia’s Wish List

So… Here is my wish list. I will be adding to and removing items throughout the year. But, here is my wish list, just in case anyone ever wants to get me anything. 😉alicias wish list

Alicia’s Official Wish List

  • A new camera, specifically, this one. This kit will get me ready to start posting videos, a goal of mine in the near future!
  • tablet.
  • A case for my new tablet, because I’m a klutz.
  • A new necklace.
  • New earrings.
  • More new earrings.
  • New shirts to personalize.
  • Lots of sweatpants. And yoga pants. Pretty much anything elastic waisted that makes my butt look awesome. Because, ya know, you can never have too many of these kinds of pants, so they make the official wish list.
  • Running leggings… Because I’m kinda starting to like them.
  • Flip flops. Because you can never have too many.
  • New running shoes. Size 7.5 from Brooks, please.
  • This. Because I’ve wanted one forever and have never gotten one.
  • A new desktop computer.
  • A German Shepherd puppy. I finally got one for Christmas, so that’s one thing off my list! 🙂
  • A beautiful crate for Trigger.
  • Donations to my college fund?

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look at my wish list! I hope you’ve enjoyed!


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