34 Things To Do In Year 34…

Happy birthday to me…

Today has been a day of reflection, mostly where I wonder what exactly I’ve done for the last year (seriously, 2020 kicked my ass, so I really am wondering). I came to the decision that I need to come up with some goals so that I can start year 35 knowing what I did in the last year.

Without further ado, 34 things to do in year 34-

  1. Journal daily, even if it’s just a sentence or two.
  2. Raise chickens (cheating, because hubby finally agreed to build me a chicken coop for my birthday, but it still has to be done, so it’s a goal).
  3. Upload at least one item to www.alicias.store daily, Monday through Friday.
  4. Paint. Once a week or month, I should put paint to canvas.
  5. Read at least one book every month.
  6. Lose another 30 pounds (I’m officially down 20) with consistently eating right and exercising.
  7. Be able to run one full mile without stopping. I used to run 6, so I thought it would be easy, but not so much.
  8. Visit New Orleans. I have ALWAYS wanted to go, but never been able to.
  9. Post a photo a day on Instagram.
  10. Start doing yoga again.
  11. Take my kids on a picnic.
  12. Hike on the weekends.
  13. Redecorate my dining room (I started this today by gifting a canvas that I no longer love to a friend who adores it).
  14. Put up vegetables from our garden.
  15. Go to a concert.
  16. Blog more consistently.
  17. Work on my landscaping until I’m proud of my yard.
  18. Pay off my car.
  19. Get out of debt.
  20. SAVE $10,000.
  21. Prioritize date nights.
  22. Have girls nights.
  23. Visit my sister (of all the things that 2020 stole, seeing my family is the one that hurts the worst).
  24. Crochet an afghan each month.
  25. Start using a real skin care routine.
  26. Get a massage. Forget mani/pedi days, I just want the massage.
  27. Go fishing with my kids.
  28. Ride bikes with my kids.
  29. Take an overnight trip at least every other month with the kids.
  30. Learn to cook new and delicious meals.
  31. Do at least one craft show per month.
  32. Take one weekend a month away from my phone.
  33. Plant more flowers (I sprinkled seeds this morning at the edge of my property, I’m sure my hubby will not be pleased LOL).
  34. Do 34 random acts of kindness.
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Participation Trophy Wife

So many times I feel like as a wife I try and I fail, over and over again. FYI, it’s about to get real…

My anxiety and depression make it hard to leave the house. There are so many days that I may want to go somewhere, but the little voice in my head full of what-ifs stops me. I didn’t used to be this way. When my husband and I first started dating, I was super social. I loved going and hanging out, I would strike up a conversation with anybody.

I don’t really know what changed… It kind of started slow. The kids got older, started getting more involved in sports and other activities, and I would take them wherever they needed to go. My social and outgoing self is also very opinionated and sometimes would have disagreements with people. Those of you who know me, know that I am quick to let go of grudges from disagreements, but I also realized that some people simply are not, so I started keeping my mouth shut.

The quieter I became, the easier it became to just keep quiet… But people are LOUD, and soon peopling became exhausting. The quieter I was, the more socially awkward I felt. When Kyle decided he no longer wished to play baseball, I breathed a huge sigh of relief- a little less peopling to have to do.

Soon, I started going to work, going grocery shopping, and just coming home. It’s easier to people with just the people you love.

Well, my poor husband is very much a social butterfly and a people person. He loves getting together with friends and hanging out. He is very much the life of the party. I’m just NOT anymore. I wish I was, but no amount of antidepressants seems to bring back that side of me. Who knows what happened there. We get invited places, and I generally find a reason to stay home (kids, work, who knows what the excuse is), and very seldom do I go… 2020 and the pandemic made that even easier, because even though I am not afraid of getting sick, COVID-19 is a damn good reason to just stay home.

We got invited to visit a friend of his that just got home from Afghanistan… I ADORE this man. He is one of my husband’s closest friends and he is one of the few people that came to see me in the hospital after JW was born. He’s super sweet, silly, and just has the best personality. Now, due to some crazy circumstances, his wife who was also a dear friend of mine, is no longer his wife. The people who were there, with exception of one, were people that I had never met before.

Let me tell you how this went down- we arrived, see said friend, meet new girlfriend and his mom (whom I had never met before), see other old friend and his new wife, and then all the guys go to congregate around the grill and leave the women-folk in the house. Women tend to be chatty, and at times down right catty… The mom and the new girlfriend obviously new that I was at one time a friend of the ex-wife’s and decided to attempt to fill me in on “the events”. This was none of my business and I made that clear… Cue awkward silence. And then me being left to myself for the remaining time we were there.

I tried. I participated. I failed. Shortly into being left to myself, I shot my husband a text saying that I needed to go home and check on my kids.

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Keeping a tidy home…

One of my goals this year is to keep a neat and tidy house. I started the year doing a deep clean of my home, using a checklist that I found on Pinterest, and now have attempted to start cleaning daily to keep it up and looking great.

How to Keep a Tidy Home

I start my day by unloading the dishwasher and getting a load of laundry going while my coffee is brewing. I then sit down and go over my to-do list while enjoying my first cup. After coffee, I do a quick pickup of anything that is out of place (with three boys and a husband, that is more than I care to admit!).

By the time I do this, it’s time to get the boys up and ready for school. After dropping them at the bus stop, I come home to make my bed (hubby sleeps later than I do) and start on other cleaning tasks.

I have assigned tasks to certain days now so that I don’t have to spend a whole day cleaning, and it keeps the house looking nice. Because we have three dogs, and they shed a LOT, I vacuum and sweep daily. I currently have a pretty awesome Bissell vacuum cleaner, but am in the market for a robot vacuum as soon as I can find one that’s both good and in my budget because that would give me a huge chunk of time back every day.

Between the kids and the dogs, I shampoo the carpets every 1-2 weeks. It keeps the carpet looking good, and the house smelling great (Scentsy helps, I’ve got a friend who I buy from on a regular basis).

How do you keep a tidy house? I would love to hear your schedule and ideas! Leave a comment now and give me some ideas.

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Weight Loss Attempts

Once upon a time, weight was not an issue for me. I’m honestly not sure how or when it became one. I have always been fairly healthy, and attempted to keep healthy habits. When my current husband and I started seeing each other, I did gain some weight, but I was not really overweight, I was HEALTHY. After having JW however, I began to really put on weight. It’s like between having a whole new person in the house to take care of, and the pain from my c-section recovery, I gave up on healthy habits and traded them for comfort foods. Lots of comfort foods.

My weight loss attempt

I am currently going about losing weight in two ways: I have started using Noom to keep me accountable and Emeals to meal plan and conveniently order my weekly groceries. I am also back to walking daily, and hoping to start running again. Those who know me personally know that I had to have a hysterectomy last year, and thankfully my doctor was able to clean up a TON of scar tissue from my c-section which should make running less painful… I’ve just been scared to test it too much.

I’ve been at it for a week now and have lost 3 pounds. According to Noom, I can expect to be down 12 more by February 10th (just in time to look a little trimmer for Valentine’s day!). I’m hoping that this is the case.

Are you trying to lose weight as well this year? Have you found a successful way to lose weight and keep it off? If so, please comment and give me some tips, I would love to hear whatever you have to say!

I should add- I cut out all carbonated beverages a few years back, and am now in the process of replacing sweet tea with lemon water. If I could cut out coffee, that would be awesome, but people may die.

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Well Shit…

It’s been a LONG time since I posted. Like years… Let’s see if I can give you all an update and get better at getting on here.

Here goes—- 3 years ago, I brought my small business into a storefront in the tiny town of Richland, GA. It went well for a while, and I am so happy to have had that opportunity. Unfortunately, 2020 was not kind to many small businesses, and mine suffered horribly. I was forced to make the decision to give up the storefront and to bring my small business back home, which is actually a really good thing- I have 3 booths in other stores that are doing well, and my website traffic is picking back up, so now I can fulfill orders from home and have a lot more time to work on ME.

Some of you may have guessed throughout the years that I battle with major anxiety and depression. I’m so thankful that back in 2019 I decided to get some help, because I truly do not know how I ever would have faced 2020 without it. If you are ever struggling with your mental health, please do yourself a favor and talk to a professional about it, it will make your entire life better.

Goals for this year—
1. Lose 50 pounds. I have ballooned up to 175 pounds since having JW and am not happy with myself.
2. Keep a tidy home. I have never been the neatest person, but working from home has made this even more of a challenge than ever, so I am really working on it now.
3. Achieve a six figure income.
4. Remodel kitchen and bathroom, replace flooring throughout the house, and get HVAC installed.

If you’re still reading, leave a comment and let me know who you are, where you’re from, and what your goals are.

Cow Watercolor Illustration Farm Digital Art

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