Gift Giving Etiquette

With Christmas only days away, I feel that it’s important to discuss gift giving etiquette. What is gift giving etiquette? Well, it’s simple… You know how they always say “it’s the thought that counts”? Don’t make the person you’re giving the gift to wonder exactly what in the hell that thought was.

There are some simple do’s and don’ts that I always try to follow when buying gifts, and I suggest you do the same…

Ask a person’s size when buying them clothing (Never assume. Remember: when you assume you make and ass out of u and me.)
Ask for favorite colors (never assume that a person will love that hideous shade of green)
Ask if they have anything in particular that they would actually want or need
Ask what stores they shop at often
When all else fails, get them an Amazon gift card!

Buy shower gel (unless you’re trying to tell them to take a shower
Buy intimate items (there’s nothing more embarrassing than getting bras and panties in front of EVERYONE on Christmas morning, worse so if they don’t fit)
Leave the price tag on items you bought on clearance.
Leave the price tag on. Period. (I know you want them to think you spent ungodly amounts of money on them, but don’t make them feel like crap, it’s Christmas after all.)
Buy them stuff you know they won’t use

With these tips in gift giving etiquette, I hope to make your holidays a little less stressful, and I hope I save someone from getting bras and panties in front of Grandma on Christmas morning! Please leave a comment below with your own words of advice… And any tips on gift giving etiquette that I may have left out! :)Alicia give gift giving etiquette advice


Wow! 11 Days Until Christmas!!!

Cell phone pictures 518Can you believe that there are only 11 days until Christmas? I don’t know about you, but I officially have all of my shopping done, stocking stuffers included! Now, I just have to wait 10 days so that I can put it all under the tree and wait for my babies to open them!

With all of that shopping out of the way, I am on to planning for next year (and working on everyone else’s Christmas presents!). I’m hoping to start a few different 52 week challenges, and I’ll invite you all to join as soon as I decide for sure which ones I’ll be doing. And, of course, we’ll continue doing our 30 day challenges and get fit together in 2015!

Some thoughts that I have so far:

  • 52 week money challenge
  • 52 week organization challenge
  • 52 week gift challenge (one that I came up with myself, to take the stress out of the holiday season)

What are some challenges that you would like to do? Seriously, I’d like to hear…

Until next time,


Christmas Card-AC


30 Day Squat Challenge

If you read yesterday and decided to join me, welcome to Day One of the 30 Day Squat Challenge!

If you’d like to print out the challenge, I have this chart to make it a bit easier!


I can’t wait to see my results, and to see your results as well!

I don’t know about all of you, but I have made the decision to purchase a gift for myself if I can make it through all 30 days… Maybe a new dress! And if you all make it too, I’ll make you one from Alicia’s Sign Shop!


Happy Holidays!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s November 30th already… This year has completely flown by! Happy holidays everyone, but more importantly, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

How many of you already have your tree up? I have gone against the flow of my family traditions, and I put mine up on this past Friday, right after Thanksgiving… As well as a few other decorations. I really don’t feel like I’m done yet though, so I’ve been on Pinterest looking at decor.

On top of decorating earlier than normal, I am also proud to say that I think I am actually done with all of my Christmas shopping, and my gifts are even wrapped and safely hidden away  from the kids… They’re just waiting to have ribbons and gift tags (which I also found this awesome printable on Pinterest for!). I actually need to take it all back… I was informed last night by the loving boyfriend that he would like a new pillow for Christmas, so I found these, and the best part is that they are eligible for Amazon Prime, and if you haven’t got Prime, you can get a FREE trial by clicking this link. With Prime you get free shipping, free music streaming, can watch certain movies for free, and LOTS more. If you’re like me, you’ll love Prime so much that when you’re done with your 30 day trial, you’ll happily pay for it.

Time to get back in shape
A little inspiration for us all…

Now, on top of all the regular holiday stuff, I have decided to start attempting to get back into shape BEFORE the new year… Be on the lookout for some fitness posts again. I have done one very important thing though, I’ve thrown out the scales. I will not be judging by the scales at all, I will be looking at inches lost and how well my pants fit. If you’d like to join me in this quest, check out 30 Day Fitness Challenges. The first one I’ll be doing, starting tomorrow, is the squat challenge. I have already printed the challenge and will be posting it in my office so that I can mark it off daily as I have finished.

I hope this finds you all well… Feel free to comment below and let me know what all of you have been up to, after all, I LOVE my readers. :) Also, remember to have happy holidays!


The Importance of Buying American Made

With the growth of business, I have started looking at different suppliers for personalized clothing from Alicia’s Sign Shop. The most important thing to me is to start buying American made, but but to also keep our costs down. I believe that I have finally found just that supplier, and in the next few days I will be going through the process of becoming an authorized retailer for them. The great thing, is they will be opening us up to a lot more products to sell (even dog clothes, gym bags, and bookbags!)!

Now, you may ask what the importance of buying American made is, and I will explain to you why it is important to me. Buying American made means keeping jobs in America. Buying American made means not supporting sweat shops. Buying American made also means it is better for the environment because the clothes won’t be travelling across oceans to get to us.

It’s going to be a few days before I know that we’re approved to start selling these products, but I am so excited to start doing this… I really feel like it’s a step in the right direction!